Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Demi dancer

We are obsessed with Dancing With the Stars, All-Stars, which started yesterday. Normally we eat meals at the table. But on DWtS nights, we eat dinner in front of the tv. Tonight Danielle came running down the hall and was yelling, "I'm here, I'm here!" as she unlocked the door. Don't worry. Your plate is on the floor in front of your spot on the couch, just waiting for you.

Alex wants to be on this show. Josh asked, "As a dancer, or as a star?" Oh. She hadn't really thought that far. I know she'd rather be the dancer. Unless she was a star for being a dancer somehow. We have a deal in place, about her whole dance thing. Alex should go big through high school. Dance your fucking heart out. Come college time though, if she hasn't gotten either a job that will support her as a dancer or into Julliard, she has to go to college for something regular. Dani told me Alex plans to retire at the end of high school. I can't imagine Al having that sort of mature thought at all. She is the kind of person who, if you ask what she's thinking about, will tell you, "If you really could slide down a rainbow, don't you think it should be the inside one of a double rainbow so you could be looking at a rainbow while you're also sliding down one, so you get the full experience?"

Laurie once said that it's a defense mechanism - that Alex purposely keeps herself immature. I have no idea if she's right or wrong, but to be honest, if Alex wants to mentally dissect rainbows instead of giving random boys blowjobs I'm not going to tell her to stop, even though I think the rainbow shit is ridiculous.

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OTRgirl said...

Sounds like wise advice for Alex in terms of dance life. It's definitely a career for the young and also good to have a fallback option.