Thursday, January 13, 2011

I don't CARE about Germany!

So I am an awful girlfriend and today I sort of had a big fat fucking temper tantrum in the middle of Epcot. All this spoiling and first class flying is turning me into a brat. Last night I was on the phone with my sisters really late into the night telling them about Cirque. Talking to Danielle about how stuff is going at home. What they're eating. How school is coming along. What they're doing after school. What it's like going on vacation with a boy. That bathtub.

Then I had a really bad night's sleep. I was basically awake every single hour through the night and woke up for good disgustingly early. Cranky does not even start to cover it. Getting an espresso helped a little and we went to Epcot. After seeing a bunch of "countries" we started talking about lunch. We haven't really been eating healthy and I am craving fruits and vegetables. Not just pizza with veggies on it. Not just a salad. Not just a fruit smoothie. Real vegetables. Like from a health food store.

Josh and I walked around to look at our options. Even if I'd gotten fish, it'd be cooked in tons of butter, if not breaded and fried. I just wanted to eat something pure. Josh kept asking what I wanted, because he was hungry, and I kept saying I didn't know, because nothing looked good. Finally he yelled at me to just pick something. So I yelled back that I DID pick something, and he just hadn't listened when I told him what I wanted.

Some well-meaning yet totally clueless tourist was overhearing us, and decided it would be helpful to get involved. "Hon, why don't you just forget all about your spat and go to Germany?" She nodded towards "Germany" and smiled encouragingly. All the rage I felt towards Florida for not having vegetables spewed out at the tourist. "I don't care about Germany!"

She got very offended. Told me her ancestors were from there. Josh knew nothing good would come from continuing the conversation so he thanked her for her suggestion and dragged me away. He told me we would go home and he'd find me food. We went back to the resort place. I laid down and promptly fell asleep. Josh woke me up an hour and a half later. He'd taken a cab to and from a supermarket and bought baby carrots, broccoli, green pepper, cauliflower, sunflower seeds, a bunch of fruit and bakery bread. Josh bought himself potato chips and a deli sandwich. We ate lunch, I apologized for freaking out, and we went back to Epcot. I felt a thousand times better.


Anonymous said...

It wouldn't be a trip to Disney if someone didn't have a major melt-down each day!

Sounds like you both survived. Good for Josh for finding you what you needed.

Alisha said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again -- that boy is a keeper!

Anonymous said...

One freak out per person per happens. What an amazing guy.

Mizasiwa said...

I have a question have you needed to buy anything you forgot to pack?

Anonymous said...

It cracks me up that someone would suggest trying Germany when you want fresh veggies. Schnitzel, maybe. Fresh veggies, not so much.

So, yes, people freak out at Disney. We all freak out at times. It happens.

But I will point out (gently, nicely, not trying to be a jerk) that next time you get mad at Josh for doing/being/saying something that isn't really fair to you (like being cranky about how you can't always just hang out and relax with him on the weekend because you have things you have to do), you remember that sometimes you also do/be/say things that aren't fair to him. Its pretty clear that yelling at him because "you told him what you want, he just didn't listen" doesn't seem really fair when (a) what you wanted was clearly not available at Disney and (b) it isn't really his responsibility (or even possible) that he arrange for what you to get what you want at the exact moment you want it.

I know that sounds harsh but I really don't mean it to. I think you are very sweet and lovely -- I'm just pointing this out as someone who has been married for quite a while who has learned that *really* taking note of the times we are jerks to our partners is a good thing. It helps us not completely fly off the handle when they are jerks to us -- because maybe they are just hungry, cranky, tired, and wishing they could just find some veggies. :-)

Bec Mitchell said...

Agreed somebody has to have a meltdown on vacation and it is always almost caused by lack of food and sleep.

What a lovely (and I know not perfect) man, what a lovely thing to do.

kateypie35 said...

I always have one temper tantrum on every vacation - I think it is just exhaustion and sensory overload.
AND I always feel like I need a week of detox - veggies and broth only - once I get home from vacation. Why do vacation destinations all make you eat like crap?
Hang in there, and I hope you have fun the rest of the time!

Yankee, Transferred said...

Good for Josh for taking care of this for you. Glad you got your fresh food.