Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rules and packing

It was pointed out that my sisters need rules for while we're gone. So I typed up rules while I was at work (I did a not of not-working today).
  1. Dani is to hit work both weekends unless she is sick with 100 or higher. Same for school. 
  2. Alex is to go to school every day unless she is sick with 100 or higher. If anyone gets sick at school, suck it up until school ends, then go home and call Laurie. 
  3. Members of the geek squad can come over and have to leave by 11pm.
  4. Any of Al's friends from school who have been over before can come over and have to leave by 10pm on week nights and 11pm on weekends.
  5. No more than one friend can sleep over and it can only be on nights when there's not school the next day.
  6. No leaving the city, but go to Brooklyn both Sundays.
  7. No going anywhere you haven't gone before.
  8. No going to anyone's house you haven't been to before.
  9. There can't be more than four friends over at any time. 
  10. No parties. No friends are allowed to invite any other people.
  11. Both go food shopping together both Sundays after Dani gets home from work. 
  12. Both do laundry next weekend. 
  13. Dani will take a taxi home from the sweet sixteen this Saturday. If there is an after-party she can sleep over if it's okay with Alex, but still has to go to work on time Sunday. 
  14. If anything breaks and someone needs to come in to fix it, you are to leave the front door open, keep phone in hand and if anything goes wrong, go for the balls and then run to the nice lesbians who work from home. 
Thank you for all the packing tips. Laurie called me and when I told her what Josh said about packing she laughed and said he is full of shit, and he will pack a full week's worth of clothes, and he'll pack two umbrellas - apparently it rains a lot in Florida. She said I don't need to take any towels at all, and should not pack any toiletries - Josh and I will stop at a drugstore in Florida and buy whatever we need there. So I am just going to do what Josh is doing, since he travels all the time. He always comes back just fine so I guess it works.


Anonymous said...

Rule #15 No one is allowed to mention to anyone that Sam and Josh are out of town until Sam and Josh return.

Good list!

Anonymous said...

What a smart list. Some things would not have even occurred to me. After where you explain which friends are allowed over, add in that other friends are not, so as to specifically have it stated. And yes, decide what to do about keeping it quiet that you are away, what they should and should not say and to whom. Will anyone be looking in on them, Laurie or one of your responsible friends who gets it, like Jackie or maybe Sebastion? Though it goes without saying, if you also list that they can of course call you if needed, they might find that reassuring. Take your phone charger! Maybe end the list with something like, "You'll do great! Think and act responsibly and you'll be fine. I will miss you both." Travel safely and enjoy!

Lil'Sis said...

Happy safe travels to you Sam, hopefully someone will check in on them, Laurie? I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time!

Sam said...

they know not to announce theyre home alone and we'll talk every day. laurie and tom don't get back from their trip until tuesday, but i won't be surprised if she invites them to dinner for a couple of nights.

Yankee, Transferred said...

I've said it before. I admire you. This is a terrific rules list. You actually prompted me to look at an old list I made when my kids stayed without us the first time, and it was amazingly similar.
I hope you relax and enjoy this vacation.