Thursday, May 19, 2011

Penguin love

Alex and her boyfriend are totally digging each other. She does little things for him. She was leaving for school today and Josh pointed out her hair was down and usually it's up. "Evan likes it down. I'm going to let him see it like this before I put it up for dance class."

After dinner, I heard Al banging around in the kitchen and sent Danielle to investigate. "She's making him cookies. It's like puppy love." Alex yelled back, "It is NOT puppy love!" She came out of the kitchen to glare at Dani. They argued back and forth. Alex insisted it was NOT puppy love. Finally Danielle gave in and asked why not. "Because penguins are cute when they waddle so that's cuter than puppies."


LaRita said...

This is adorable! It's so cute to see Alex in penguin love!

Nina said...

I've always heard "penguin love" talked about because penguins mate for life, but I like Alex's explanation better. Too cute.

Yankee, Transferred said...

So sweet.