Thursday, June 30, 2011

A do list

The last few days, since Alex realized that the two of us will have the place to ourselves, she has been coming up with all these fabulous-to-her plans. "Sammers, you know what I always wanted to bake with you?" "Sammers, we should go to Coney Island!"

Dude. Sammers fucking works. Sammers would sometimes like to sit on the couch drinking and watching a dumb Bravo show while someone else cooks.

I told Alex to come up with free things to do, and to figure out how much money each thing she wants to do will cost, and how much she plans to contribute. I know we'll wind up bumming around Brooklyn at some point. Apparently that's a sisters only trip, because I floated the idea of inviting Jackie by, and Alex got teary. Danielle pulled me aside and tried to make me promise not to do anything too fun without her. Really? REALLY, Miss Italy?


Yankee, Transferred said...

I'm sure it sounds like non-stop Sammers pressure, but I know to Alex it sounds like heaven. Both of your sisters think you hung the moon.

Damned close, if you ask me.

Mizasiwa said...

i agree with yankee transferred!! I know we sent one of my sisters to my brother for the winter holiday - I think she thinks shes is in heaven!! Im sure youll sort somthing out though! Enjoy your weekend!