Thursday, June 16, 2011

My sisters are idiots

Nerdy idiots, but idiots just the same. There are four people here. Three bedrooms. One of the bedrooms is used as a guest room/study. Both sisters are in Crazy Finals Mode. Today they got in a screaming fight over who got to use the study. They both wanted to use it to have a quiet place. HelLO! As long as the other person isn't there with you, isn't whatever room you're in quiet?

I had to point that out four times before they realized I had a point. In the end, Danielle studied on the floor in the living room and Alex used my bed. It will be nice when finals are over and they turn their brains back on.


Yankee, Transferred said...

They may be idiots, but at least they're fighting over where to study, which is quite commendable.
Nice job there, big Sis. You set a good example.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to them :)
Although I'm sure they don't need it!