Sunday, June 26, 2011

Shopping rich-people style

When Josh asked me to go clothing shopping with him I thought it meant we'd go to JCrew or somewhere and spend an hour picking out polos and t-shirts. Josh's rich-boy friends are always wearing t-shirts that are supposed to imply they're tough and dangerous. Bronx Boxing. As if any of them have ever let anyone punch them in the same faces that go to the dermatologist every month.

No. Josh has a personal shopper at a department store. He has fancy dressing rooms, separate from the masses. They have cushy chairs and offer you champagne. They pulled things in his sizes and put them on a big rack. There was no limit to the number of things Josh was allowed to take in the dressing room. Nobody counted each pair of pants, separating them to make sure nothing was balled up to be stolen later.

The women were so nice. Jeremy, the personal dude shopper (as Josh called him) told me I could go into the little dressing room with him, but I was embarrassed. Instead I sat outside next to his rack of clothes and studied, while every so often telling Josh he looked pretty. He spent over $1100. On clothes. For the summer.

Then I went to a fire family dinner with my sisters, where we were given a garbage bag that had sweatshirts smelling of cat pee on them.


Mizasiwa said...

I cannot imagine how difficult being from such diverse backgrounds must be! I cant even say anything else but i know how it feels to get 'hand me downs' that should have been thrown away, its just so agravating!!

Anonymous said...

Who is Jeremy? Havn't read that name before

Kizz said...

I'm going to assume Jeremy was the personal shopper, Anon.

I know it must be hard but it's also kind of awesome to live in a place where you can have both of those experiences in one day.

Isabel said...

Anon...I'm assuming Sam uses aliases to protect the innocent on here ;) Her friends and family don't know about this blog, and I'm thinking she doesn't want to be tracked down.

Anonymous said...

I know which person I'd prefer to spend a day with...!

No offence to either of you. But $1100!

Yankee, Transferred said...

Lord, $1,100.00 on summer clothes seems excessive. And bags of clothes with cat pee on them sounds thoughtless. A middle road would probably feel pretty good.

You're amazing.