Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Callllllll me!

Danielle does not seem to be picking up my telepathic messages that have been sent non-stop since she was to land. I got one short email saying she got to the family's house she's staying with, their home smells good, and it's very intense. What does that meeeeeeean? Intense good or intense bad?

I have not been able to sleep because by the time I'm going to bed, Dani should be getting up and she might call. What if she is dead in an Italian ditch somewhere? What if she has gone missing and nobody told me so I can't call the American Embassy and then when I finally do call they say it's too late? Will Elliot and Olivia go overseas? What if they took away her passport and brought her to their country house to be a new indentured servant?

Starting to understand why people keep xanax around.


Anonymous said...

Send her e-mail thanking her for the one she sent letting you know she arrived safely and requesting that she call you because you'd really appreciate a further update. She might be checking e-mail even as she is not calling.

If she calls while you are asleep you'll hear the phone ring and wake up so go get some sleep. Make sure the ringer is on loud and the phone is right by your bedside for extra assurance.

If you don't hear from her in a couple more days it wouldn't be totally inappropriate to call whatever contact number for the program you have and get a message passed along to her. Would be nice to avoid having to do that though.

What did the program literature say about students staying in touch with their families while away? Do most get cell phones that work there so they can be contacted?

It's kind of thoughtless of her not to have called you by now. She's probably just fine, you know.

Also note that overseas postcards take a while to arrive.

Anonymous said...

Try to relax. I am sure she is OK.

Yankee, Transferred said...

How nerve-wracking. Do email her and tell her you're anxious for some news. Don't let her know how freaked out you are, but tell her you just miss her and would like a note saying it's all good. Or whatever.

Anonymous said...

yes, take a xanax.

Isabel said...

I hope she gets a hold of you soon. She has to know it's torture for you not to hear from her!

Love the Elliot and Olivia thing, though let's hope that nothing in their field of work would EVER happen to Dani!! Don't let your mind go there!