Thursday, February 2, 2012


If I'd grown up differently I'd probably be more mushy. Aunt Elaine definitely fucked with my mush, you know? My mom was super mushy. Even if she just looked at you or just smiled while she kept looking at whatever she was doing, it still felt like you'd gotten a hug without her touching you. Alex is super mushy. My mom would be happy about it. If there is a lap, Alex is sitting in it. If you stand near her, she will lean against you. Al is like a puppy, following you around wherever you go.

I am nostalgic for mushy. I have lost my mush. It feels foreign and familiar all at the same time. It almost seems like it doesn't fit with my personality and I don't know how to expand it to include mush. No, I'm not PMSing, why do you ask?


Just Me said...

LOL @ not pmsing.

Even those of us who aren't mushy can want a little of it.

C. said...

Some people who aren't mushy get all haughty and annoyed when they witness or are subjected to mush. They have strong personalities but little kindness.

I'm glad that apparently you're not one of them.

Nina said...

This made my heart clench. Maybe it's just your personality, but I still hate your Aunt Elaine for fucking with your mush.

Yankee, Transferred said...

Nina said what I am feeling.