Thursday, July 26, 2012

More food bell!

I was talking to this guy at work about dinners, and we were trading ideas back and forth, all rapid fire. I could barely hold back from interrupting. It was so cool. He was the first person I really felt like I connected with.

We had this whole talk about Mark Bittman and availability of healthy foods in poor areas and what the obstacles are. Somebody walked over while we were talking about vinegar and strawberries and they were like, "Who the fuck would ruin strawberries with vinegar?!" and we were like, who WOULDN'T?!

It got to the point where we'd been talking almost ten minutes according to my internal clock (which my sister says is freakishly accurate), and I was getting nervous that somebody would catch me not working so I left. You know that feeling of floating through your day? I was flying!

It's just such a relief to know there's somebody to talk with here. You know how people say music is a universal language? Well, it is in that there's no translation needed, but food kind of is too. We had this weird talk about all these ways to do baked potatoes that morphed into how he thinks the girls he meets are so stupid because they don't even know how to start a fire without a lighter. I pointed out that we are all city people, and don't like, go camping. Except then I told him my guess of how to do it and it turns out I was right.

I'm so happy to have a food-friend. It makes me feel a thousand times better about work now.


OTRgirl said...

My husband is the foodie, but it's really fun to watch him bond with other foodies. It's a huge connection point. I'm so glad you found someone at work who can geek out with you!

Nina said...

Love it! It's always so great to find someone who shares your particular geekiness. :)