Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sisterly synchronized tumbling passes

This should be a new Olympic sport. Josh thinks Mckayla Whatever, the gymnast, smiles in a way that says "Yeah, I'll pose for Playboy as soon as I'm 18, sure." We will assume this is a guy thing, that all guys look at girls and consider whether they'd be down to pose naked?

My sister is coming to pick me up at work tomorrow. Dani wanted to come up and see reception, but I told her to wait in the lobby. Not really sure why having her come up would be a bad idea, but it felt wrong.

Today I had to work with this partner who has a corner office. Everybody hates her because she's so yelly and supposedly makes even people with real jobs, cry. I made sure to get in a little early and was standing in her doorway at exactly 8:59 a.m.  When the partner looked over I got super nervous and gave her this ridiculous shit-eating grin. She smiled back at me, kind of laughing and told me to go get her a coffee. When I brought it, she handed me papers with a post-it that had a name on it and told me to deliver them. After I came back from that, she immediately had another thing for me to do. That's how the entire day went. Rapid-fire, one thing after another. It seemed like the only two words I said all day to her were "Hi" and "Okay."

It made me really nervous that all she did was keep barking out demands, all day long. There was no yelling on her part and no crying on mine, so maybe today was a success. Usually if you work a lot with one person you'll get some kind of feedback, so tomorrow I might find out if she didn't talk to me because she hated me.


Tam said...

She doesn't hate you - you're in baby!! Good job.

Anonymous said...

She didn't yell because you didn't screw up and you didn't ask stupid questions. Nice work Sam!

Kizz said...

Yeah, exactly agree with the previous commenter. Other people much it up by saying shit. You're going to be her favorite.