Monday, September 17, 2012

The grind is my friend

I don't know if there is really senioritis in college, but if there is I definitely have it. Everything just seems so much easier this year.

My sisters getting home alone doesn't panic me. I don't worry at every second that Arnie will fire me. Everything that happens at school? I understand it, or can figure it out. My two best friends from school got in a big fight and broke up, and originally I was going to stay friends with both separately, but one became friends with this other girl I dislike and totally don't trust so I'm putting some distance between us.

It's like all the puzzle pieces aren't quite in place yet, but you can see the puzzle taking shape. Dani is satisfied with her private bedroom. Sometimes she calls it "my private wing of the residence." She wants everybody to knock before going in, even when the door is open. Every time Alex gets yelled at for bad behavior, she apologizes by saying, "I'm sorry; I'm just acting out because I'm so lonely from living in isolation." She's like 15% kidding and 85% serious.

All it is going to take to graduate is putting one foot in front of the other for like nine more months. I wonder if that's how easy it is to be pregnant.

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