Monday, October 15, 2012

Fooding it up

This morning Josh's parents came for brunch. They kind of invited themselves over a few days ago, but of course Josh forgot to tell me until Saturday. To punish him, I decided he should have to get up early this morning and go food shopping. It seemed fair. Since I was being so "fair" the shopping also included waiting in a really long bakery line. The "good girlfriend" thing only goes so far with me. Make the parents brunch? Yes. Shop for it, cook it, and clean the whole house? Oh hell no.

I made a pumpkin, spinach and feta frittata because it's officially pumpkin time but didn't want to serve something heavy like pancakes or waffles that sit in your stomach like lead. There was also a bowl of organic strawberries and grapes, and Dani and Alex made tiny pumpkin muffins. When everybody sat down, Josh's dad asked if I was putting us all on a diet, and Laurie shushed him. It made me feel bad. What does he want? Bacon and donuts? Nothing else was said about it, but to make a comment after I got up early on my one morning to sleep late?

Luckily that was the only bad part of their visit. They were here for three hours and I kind of felt like they were checking up on us. At one point Laurie asked Danielle to show her the new bedroom that used to be the study/guest room. When I asked Josh after they'd left what had just happened, he looked at me confused. So maybe I'm paranoid.

We had to rush around cleaning up to get ready for our second wave of guests - we had one of our favorite fire families over for dinner. Having them over to us has worked out really well. It seems like it has given people a better opportunity to see that their help really has made a big difference all these years, plus they get to know Josh better.

Since Josh had been sent out early in the morning for groceries I'd at least made it a super-useful trip by having him get everything we needed for dinner too. I'm not really sure if they went, but I warmed up more pumpkin muffins and served those, along with lamp chops, asparagus, and new potatoes with dill and rosemary. Writing it out now I'm kind of cringing, but hopefully Danielle is right - that they only know Italian food. It was kind of mean the way she said it - like they only know if food is done right if it's Italian food, and anything else is just too foreign for them to be sure.

Nobody said anything about the muffins not going with the other stuff. This is why it would be useful to have a mother. Real mothers know these things and you can just call them real quick to ask. She would know for sure.


Kizz said...

Oh depends on the mother. Trust me.

Lala said...

Pumpkin muffins go with the season and that's all that matters. I would be proud to have you as a daughter.

Nina said...

um, I think you are a little too hard on yourself. I would be so happy to have somebody cook me a meal like either of those. You're hosting friends/family, not a visiting head of state. :)