Thursday, November 15, 2012


One of the (too) many shows we watch is Couples Therapy on VH1. My sisters don't really like it, but as half a couple, I kind of do like seeing how other couples treat each other.

The most painful couple to watch is Courtney Stodden and Dough Something. She was 16 when they get married, and she's like an ugly Barbie Doll. Her looks are so extreme compared to everyone else's, that it's hard to even see past them to judge her on any sort of intelligence or personality.

Josh is almost 22, and he watches my sisters and their friends traipse in and out of the house, and I can't imagine him looking at any of them as anything but little girls. The idea of him looking at a girl and thinking of dating or marrying them is totally ridiculous. This Doug guy is like three decades older than Josh. It doesn't get much more creepy than that.

Tonight we were watching and I made some comment about Courtney, and Dani suggested that maybe I was slut-shaming her, then asked if I would still hate her if she wore normal clothes. I don't think she would be who she was without her clothes. He wouldn't have been attracted to her; it would all be a moot point.

I'm pretty anti slut-shaming, and Dani knows that which is why she phrased it that way. I'll sometimes wear my skirts really short to school and then roll them down when it's time to go to work. Courtney flirts with every guy in the Couples Therapy show, not just her husband. She can't walk without shoving some tits or ass in someone's face. I can.

Courtney's not a slut. She just leads and follows with only her sexuality, and it's the one-dimensionalness that seems gross.

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