Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Spring cleaning in winter

I'm not really clear how long it's supposed to take to do spring cleaning, but it takes me two to three days. Last night we took a break for New Year's and this morning I took a break for ... well, having a hangover. After that though, I went to a yoga class with my sisters and then we hydrated and got back to work.

One of the things that had fallen off schedule was prepping food for the week. We made pasta, laying out sheets on the backs of the dining room chairs, we cut up fruit, we cooked and then cut up chicken breasts to toss into salads, we made granola, made and froze gravy.

Alex was sous chef and head (only) dish washer, while Danielle was seamstress. Almost all day Danielle sat at the table watching tv, with a huge pile of clothes next to her, each with a little scrap of paper pinned to it saying what it needed.

It's a little bit of a bummer that this is what we did for the last few days of my winter break, for the New Year, but we also were really productive and that kind of feels good.

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Alisha said...

This is not a new thought, guys really impress me.