Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Crashing, beginning

Some weekends Alex will spend money on a drop-in dance class for grownups. Anyone can just pay at the desk and take the class. I think she likes the break from the competitiveness of her school, the less intense environment of a class full of grownups impressed with a girl who can hold her own.

When I saw her walking out in dance clothes, I changed my plans and jumped in a cab to go too. When Al saw me walk in, her eyes got really wide for a second and then she turned away. We spent the entire hour and a half in the same class, never speaking, never dancing next to each other.

Alex kept checking me out though. Every time I looked over at her in the mirror, she would quickly look away, and I could feel her watching me.

After the class when I was grabbing my stuff to leave, I heard a "Sammer" and looked up just in time to catch an orange juice Alex was throwing at my face. Hard. I'll take it as progress.


OTRgirl said...

I. don't. get. it.

Why would she do that? Kudos to you for trying to connect with her.

You all really need to do some family shrinking (not kicking Alex out, the head shrink version). It's not up to you to fix it, it's up to all of you, but you need a mediator at this point.

Chris said...

I get it. My youngest sis wouldn't talk to me for a while too (she got mad for no good reason), and then one day we passed by each other and she bumped into me "accidentally". I was surprised, but the middle sis said "that's just her telling you things are better". She was right. I don't understand how that's a way to reconnect, but it was.