Monday, April 15, 2013

Sunday splurge day

Brunch: Half a toasted bialy with cream cheese and lox, orange juice, purple grapes

Snack: Crepe with melted dark chocolate, strawberry & banana slices

Mid-day nap.

Weird birthday party before dinner where only cake was served. I had half a piece of ice cream cake.

Dinner: Salad, stuffed shells, garlic bread, cannoli, rainbow cookies.

I told Josh there can't be anymore eating this way until college graduation.


Anonymous said...

With the possible exception of the ice cream cake, it's not junk that you ate, and the quantities don't sound very large. Great variety of fruits, also of proteins. The problem was too much sugar in various forms and not enough vegetables?

Glad you got a nap in.

Karen said...

Just commenting to make sure you're holding up alright during this crazy week of bombings and terrorists. {{{{HUGS}}}}