Monday, April 22, 2013

You're welcome

I'm sure that on five thousand different levels it's wrong that I am jealous of what happened at the Boston Marathon. But I am. People reacted so quickly. It saved so many lives. Everyone's had so much time. To think about if they run towards a crisis or away from it. To know how they can help if a crisis ever happens in front of them.

Sure all the regular terrible nightmares came back, and Alex and I stopped hating each other quite as much and I cried for Boston a hundred times because I feel awful for them knowing what they were going through. I'm also really, really jealous. My mother would be beautiful even if she had a leg or two blown off.

It took them a week. One week. I am fully convinced it only took such a short time because of everything learned from 9/11. So I'm jealous and bitter and you're welcome.


Anonymous said...

i immediately thought of you and your family when i heard and saw the news. i absolutely agree with you about lessons learned and i am so very sorry that education came to us too late to save you from the anguish you will deal with your entire life. that said, i also thank you (and so many others) for living and for choosing to thrive. -shay

Kizz said...

"My mother would be beautiful even if she had a leg or two blown off." So true.

And I absolutely agree about the lessons learned.


Rebecca said...

I thought of you too. And I think what you write is so poignant and amazing. You are an inspiration and a reminder to all of us how big a person can be. You are living proof of humanity. And you (obviously) have a right to any emotion you WANT :) Thank you so much for your blog

Nina said...

Been thinking of you and your sisters too. *hugs*