Sunday, September 1, 2013

Calm oceans

The sub-renter people moved out. Laurie had our apartment professionally cleaned. (I may or may not have cleaned after they left. Whatever.)

Then Alex and I painted her room a cool aqua color with one wall a different accent color. We moved her furniture so she can look out the window from bed but her head isn't up against the wall she and Danielle share. Al chose accent colors of black and bright yellow. Josh told Alex it looks mature. It was the closest thing to something nice Josh has said since we've gotten back.

We are at a standstill with people moving. Alex wants Dani to share a room with her again. Dani doesn't want to, but still wants Josh to move out. I want both of them to move out. So it seems like nobody is moving.

Josh suggested that we make the girls give us money, like contributing to rent. So Danielle has to give some each month and Alex has to give a little less each month. Josh said he'll get his dad to open a bank account for each of them, and even though we're telling them the money goes towards rent we can just save it for them and when they move out, they can have it, like a going-away present.

Today we made beef bourguignon for dinner and invited Josh's parents. Josh wants to eat a lot of non-jew-friendly foods to gear up for his holiday. The only bad thing about the sub-renters was that they let all my herbs die, so I had to buy new ones for today while I try to revive these. I made a chocolate mousse for dessert, with fresh whipped cream and sliced strawberries (that's not how it's supposed to be, but I didn't really care).  Initially I was going to make the Reine de Saba cake, but when Josh saw the recipe he got freaked out that there was cream of tartar so I switched.

Dinner was calm and everybody ate a lot without even one person glaring at anyone else, so I'm going to rate it a success. I know it's already been done, but kind of want to make all the Julia Child recipes. Basically, I just want to cook all day to make the house smell good, with various people coming in to eat everything.


Anonymous said...

I believe you all need to talk it out. Maybe it would be good for you all to go your separate ways. Maybe it would be good for you Sam to no longer be in the mother roll. You guys need to air out all your feelings and try to come to a resolution or the girls should leave.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Alex is old enough to go out on her own like some college kid hitching across the country. Isn't she only 15 or 16?

Lil'Sis said...

I did my version of the Julia Child cooking - it was fun and delicious and I did learn a lot - I didn't do them all as some just looked gross to me- it was overall a good experience. Good luck!

Nina said...

Thinking of you and your sisters today, Sam.