Sunday, March 2, 2014

Returning home

I got home last night around 7:30. Josh gave me soup (that at first I mistakenly thought he made but later realized he bought) and then started the shower and I was in bed by 9pm. This morning I didn't even wake up until 8:30! Josh told me it was much less weird being home alone with my sisters than he worried it would be. I had worried about it a couple of times last week, but it all happened so fast we didn't really have time to process it.

Tomorrow I have to drop off all my work clothes that came on my trip and pay extra for them to rush cleaning them. It seems like there should have been a better way, but maybe that way is to have more clothes. Or finding a dry-cleaner that's open on Sundays maybe?

Alex and Dani told me Josh can't cook for shit but he's always down for being told what to do or ordering in. Josh told me they're both bossy and will always go after what they want or need. I hope he's right.


Karen said...

The answer is
1) have more clothes
2) have more work clothes that don't need to be dry-cleaned

Lisa @ Trapped In North Jersey said...

Most urban/upscale hotels will have a drycleaner on site (or can tell you where to find a same day one close to the hotel), so that when you are on a job you can have your clothes cleaned while there. (Not cheap but if you are already paying extra to have them done the next day when you get home, its all the same in the end.)

Yes, actually, you'll want to buy more clothes, like enough clothes to wear a different outfit for ten days of work. (For the past 25 years my father has ten of the same white shirts, and every Saturday he drops off five at the drycleaner and picks up the five he dropped off the week before.) Buy pieces one at a time (one shirt or jacket or pair of pants a month?), and invest in quality, neutral items (shouldn't be a problem with your black predilection) (shop the sale racks at Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Macy's, etc).