Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Everyone's embarrassed tonight

Embarrassment #1:
I was a baby when New Kids on the Block were popular. By the time I was old enough to like music, they were over. So I never got into them. But then they got back together like half a dozen years ago or something and Alex was into them. Which meant we all had to listen to their stuff. Even Josh. The good thing is though, all four of us have agreed that we like one particular song of theirs. The bad, embarrassing thing is that Alex has seriously studied their older music and choreography, leaving me and Dani very proficient New Kids in our living room. She even made Josh sit and watch us perform for him. He is such a trouper, he threw me a bra "on stage." (I have also come to like their song Tonight, but only when sung live. Also, because I have seen one of them bring their son on stage, the idea of having a kid doesn't quite seem like such an awful thing, if it comes out a boy.) 

Embarrassment #2:
Josh asked me to make "sweet noodle kugel" for Hanukah. Tonight I made a practice one. Josh and I agreed there was somehow too much cream cheese. Three slices of kugel later, Josh told me, "I don't know why I keep eating this. Help, Sammers. I'm out of control." So I hid the rest in the back of the fridge.

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One crazed mommy said...

No - I got you beat - my very first concert ever was to see NKOTB - the FIRST time around! (Yikes I'm old!) I was around 15 or so...yeah...blush! They put on an amazing show, and really did have awesome moves!