Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Pneumonia and me

This morning Doug checked and decided I’m doing great. Happily it doesn't hurt when I'm inhaling anymore, but he told me the pneumonia is still there and I’ve just adapted to it. That must be why I am still exhausted and everything makes me out of breath. I still shouldn’t overexert myself, no lifting over 10 pounds, and no flying for a while. I was too embarrassed to ask if that meant I shouldn't have sex.

After that, I emailed another note to work, and got this in response from my manager: I don’t want you to come in until you have a clean bill of health. Colds and flu abound in all offices so don't rush back. That is really a relief. I feel better enough to work. From home. Part time. Between naps.

My sisters and cooking [insert dramatic sigh here]. They can cook. Not as well as I can, but they can cook. They don't like it the way I do. If I'm around to do it, then they don't want to. When Josh has taken me on vacations, I think they cook simple things. Like, I make pasta and from that ravioli. Portions of it get frozen. They'll throw a portion in boiling water and call that cooking.

Alex made a big batch of soup, and applesauce. Basically I eat those and oatmeal every single day. Sometimes Dani makes me a smoothie for breakfast. When you can barely taste anything you don't care what you're eating. You just eat whatever is put in front of you.

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