Monday, December 8, 2014

Monday's dinner: we're not starting out small

- Mushroom polenta diamonds
- Beef wellington (this is one of Josh's favorites, plus he has a hard time believing he's eaten a full meal if there's no meat (I'm trying to change this))
- Roasted asparagus with lemon
- Smashed potatoes (which don't really go, but I was trying to use up the potatoes and we weren't having guests and all of us really like them)
- Homemade apple crumb cake with homemade whipped cream.

To be honest, I totally could have gotten a frozen Mrs. Smith's dutch apple pie and Josh would have scarfed it up happily without blinking. But mine is healthier (less sugar), plus we had a lot of apples and sometimes I like to bake. Someone once told me that people who like to cook hate to bake, because baking always has to be so precise. In a way it does, but I make things up to bake all the time and it works out just fine.

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