Thursday, December 11, 2014

Wednesday's dinner: now, with guests!

When I told Josh on Sunday that we were embarking on a week of fancy foods, he suggested we invite his parents over for dinner. So I promptly did. They promptly replied saying it was such short notice during such a busy part of the year that they were basically booked through all of December but could they get back to me with a firm answer. Um. I guess it took them a day to rearrange or cancel or whatever but they announced they could come for dinner today at 7:30. They have to meet other people for drinks first. I was a little pissed off at this, but figure there have probably been at least a hundred times I've been rude to them, so they can have this one.

Even though Josh's people are Fancy, I've noticed that they're also kind of "meat and potatoes." Really, I think giving them fancy meat and potatoes is best - it fulfills all of their needs. Josh suggested doing a Thanksgiving dinner, but we don't have enough distance from my sickness and sadness yet. If HE wanted to make it, that'd be fine, but I'm not doing that. I'll do it next Spring, when we're all missing Thanksgiving food.

Tonight's dinner:
Mini tart flambée
Beef bourguinon over egg noodles*
Roasted potatoes
Haricot verts with slivered almonds
Macaroons (French, not Jewish) 

Normally I am excited to feed people but tonight I was nervous. Like, sweating-nervous.  Josh's parents brought wine that went perfectly with the meal. Everything was fine. Honestly, it was the pasta that made me nervous. Technically you CAN have one foot in France and one in Italy at the same time, but still, pasta=Italian to me and this was just such a distinctly French meal.  

I know - I just told you "meat and potatoes" but I've made this before using potatoes and wanted to try something different. Tossed on the side of the table were the potatoes.


Karen said...

Northern Italian food has plenty of stewed meats served with pasta, and a lot of those people also speak French. So let's say you were serving Piedmontese food.

Sounds like a delish dinner.

Nina said...

I am salivating. That sounds amazing.

Anonymous said...

I think of egg noodles as (Eastern European) Jewish. Hungarian, maybe?

Does pasta still equal Italian for you in an Asian dish like lo mein?

sam said...

No, lo mein is not Italian. :)