Friday, January 2, 2015

Being a tourist is exhausting

We stayed near home for New Years this year. Josh had a friend visiting from London who wanted to do Times Square because he'd never done it. So I made black-eyed peas and we headed out to be in the middle of Everyone in the Entire World. While cold. My nipples still haven't defrosted.

At one point some stranger standing next to me squealed, "Isn't this the most exciting thing EVER?!" But that's neither of the main points of this post. They are as follows:

1. Josh has a habit of having obnoxious house guests. This guy was good! He helped Alex work on her English accents. He said please and thank you. He cleaned up after himself. He wasn't haughty. I told Josh he is our new ambassador of visiting. Everyone who visits from now on must be as good or better than this guy. Dude should teach weekend seminars on how to be a good guest.

2. I was liking this guy so much that when he told us he wanted to do touristy things, I did them. Not only that, I'm doing more of them this weekend. Empire State Building? High Line? Chinatown? Little Italy? 34th Street? All of it.

But listen, if I wind up wearing a matching Big Apple t-shirt, stage an intervention. 

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Unknown said...

Huh. We watched that on tv- funny to think I could have spotted you and not known it.

Ever since I started reading you I've been so much more conscious of how I act when I'm a guest. Thank you.