Monday, June 8, 2015

Round and round

We have a tea kettle for boiling water. Laurie bought a teapot to keep at our house. I didn't even understand the purpose of it. Josh said it's so you can keep the pot of the tea on the table without having to get up to make more. She's bought some other random stuff too. The insanity is rolling along. The screaming rages seem to have died down on Laurie's part. Not so much on Josh's sister's part.

She seems to think now that she's back, it's time to work through all their issues. Completely ignoring the fact that the only reason she's here is because her mother may be dying. Perhaps this isn't the time to scream about the time you thought you were getting a horse but then didn't get one. (It was a communication mix-up: she asked for a pony party for her birthday thinking she was asking for a pony for her birthday, and her parents thought she wanted a pony theme for her party.)

Now she is saying she doesn't want to live with her parents and could they get her an apartment. Josh heard of a studio for $2500 a month. Doorman building, UWS, across from Trader Joe's, great location, but 300 square feet. She wants her parents to pay for something bigger, but prices have gone up since she's last lived here. Plus she only works like 15 hours a week. Also plus she can't answer how long she plans to stay. Laurie's chemo ends in early September. Josh's sister can't even confirm she's staying until then. Well, what the fuck?! Why would her parents co-sign a year lease when she doesn't know where she'll be in three months?

So she comes over to our house daily, eats tons of our food (seriously she eats like a sumo wrestler), and can't answer anything definitively. She talks in yoga-speak, like creating a higher vibration around cancer to beat it, and if you want to feel abundant, give something away. What the fuck does that even mean? If giving something away makes YOU feel so abundant, then why aren't you happy to give away square footage and live in a tiny studio? Because you're in competition with your brother? Not very zen if you, is it? Excuse me while I scream.


One crazed mommy said...

Oh my God - seriously...she's upset about a birthday party from years ago because she didn't get a horse!!!?? I would want to scream if I were you too - sounds like she's just a wee bit on the selfish side. Wow...I just don't have words. Poor Laurie - she does not need to be dealing with long past "hurts" while she is going through chemo. She's already got way too much to worry about than her estranged daughters woes. :(

Karen said...

This isn't going to end well, Sam. Have you spoken with Doug recently? This would be a good time to get some outsider involved for your own sanity.

I really want you and Josh to set some boundaries. His mom may be ready to go back to living in her own home every day, now that the crisis response seems to be over. And then Josh's sister can do her crazy thing where you won't hear her.

Abby said...

Wow. Just... wow.

What a piece of work. What's Josh's response to her behavior? She's seriously complaining that she didn't get a pony for her birthday??? When her mom has cancer???

Wow. That's pretty abundantly messed up.

Chris said...

Wow. Dear sis is a walking talking cliché.

Anonymous said...

OMG! WTF! Let me scream at her. By now, that pony thing should be a funny family memory. And a great apt paid for by your parents? The only response should be "THANK YOU!"

I have a friend who's into yoga and mindfulness training, and she uses them to help people with cancer. How I wish the sis were like her.

Amanda said...

Jen Hatmaker ( posted a Cancer manifesto she came up with for their family to take all stress from the Mom with Cancer. It's premise is the patient is the center of concentric circles. all bitching must go from the inside out. The patient gets to focus on the cancer without the drama of everyone else's problems. Check it out. As a heads up, she is a Christian writer, but she writes in an open, tell it like it is style. Print that out and tell the sister she can work old Mom issues out with a therapist. What an ingrate! I'm curious as to how she has survived financially over the years of not speaking to her parents if she barely works. A rich husband?

Nina said...

wowwwww. My jaw is on the floor right now. Sis sounds like a major narcissist.