Friday, June 19, 2015

VIP clients

The scary partner drinks some sort of super complicated coffee. One of those "half-caf venti no foam low fat skim blah blah." I am an immature child who secretly does not like coffee (except Vietnamese) so I ordered a small hot chocolate. Yes, in the summer heat. The partner kind of smirked when I ordered. Whatever.

It was not clear if her friend became a client or her client became a friend. Regardless though, she has a special client who is also a friend and she is handpicking the people she wants working on this job. Weirdly, I am the only white person on this team. Should be interesting.

Today I got home from work really late. I called Alex and told her a super easy dinner to make - you spice and brown some meat, pour in some gravy, make spinach, dump both things in a pie dish, layer mozzarella cheese over it, bake the whole thing. Alex made a salad during the baking time and that was dinner. There wasn't any left over so I guess everyone liked it.

Too tired to make a real dinner, I put together a plate of cheese, peach slices, carrot sticks and cherries. There was serious consideration of eating chocolate pudding afterwards, but I was too tired. 


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Amanda said...

That's great that she picked you, trusts you! She would only make a choice of someone she thought would do their best and make her look good at the same time. Everyone gets that "did I screw up" feeling when the Senior people in their company ask to see them without any clue of what it is about, so you are not alone!