Wednesday, December 29, 2010


One of the fire families dropped off a garbage bag of clothes today. It was mostly too small, but Alex found some t-shirts she wants to use as sleeping shirts. She also found a skirt that I thought was too short but Alex insisted was not. So she tried it on.

She came to show me and ran into Josh too. It barely covered her ass. Josh practically twitched as he told her to go look in the mirror, that she couldn't possibly think the skirt was okay to wear out. "I feel dirty looking at her; like a pedophile," Josh whispered to me. Alex turned to me for a verdict. I shook my head. Even with leggings it looks skanky.

Alex really, really likes the skirt though, and has been flouncing around in it all day. Danielle told her she can't go outside wearing that. Josh asked me to make her stop so when I went to say good night, I told Alex she has to put it in the too-small pile to be donated and can't wear it anymore.

Al asked if I'd take a picture of her wearing it, so she hopped out of bed and put it on. When she looked at the picture I'd taken Alex was shocked. "It's so short!" Well, YES! I don't know how she didn't realize. But at least she threw the skirt in the too-small pile and I'm pretty sure she won't sneak it back.


Alisha said...

That's pretty funny, that the photo did what the mirror didn't. I'll have to tuck that trick away for future reference...

Yankee, Transferred said...

Good for all of you for having the brains to protect her, and good for her for being so open to advice. You all seem wise beyond your years.
So when you're busy feeling like an ungrateful bitch, remind yourself that you are a wonderful sister, girlfriend, and daughter, and be kind to yourself.