Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I always hated having to write short stories

  1. On the way home from Florida Josh told me how glad he was - not just that we finally did this, but that he really knows he likes me in big chunks of time. I had just told him I was a little nauseous which made it kind of bad timing to say chunks, but now that the sick feeling is gone, it's really funny.
  2. Last night Danielle crawled into our bed while Josh was in the shower and told me to tell her about the astronaut meeting again. Usually when Josh sees one of them in bed he gives me a look and walks out. This was the first time he sat down and participated too, adding details I'd forgotten. 
  3. Today I called Jackie and after a while of talking, invited her over for dinner. She laughed. I think her exact response was, "Fuck that Suzy Homemaker shit; come out drinking and get sloshed with me!" So um, I am going out to get sloshed Friday after work with Jackie and Becca.
  4. Arnie pointed out that this is the third day in a row I haven't worn black. That clearly vacation agrees with me. It was kind of funny. It wasn't funny though when he said that I am definitely an asset because he realized how much wasn't getting done while I was gone. That made me feel good. 
  5.  All week I have been missing my mom a lot, really hardcore. I want to tell her all the stuff that happened. Even as things would happen last week I would tell myself to remember it, so I could tell her. She was not waiting for me when I got home and I am angry and sad all over again.


Nina said...

You sound so happy and refreshed, but it makes sense that there is a sense of renewed loss in the midst of that. I'm sorry. I wish you could have your mom there to talk to. I'm sure she would be so happy to hear about all your wonderful experiences.

Anonymous said...

So sad that you miss her. I know some of your pain. I lost my mother 20 years ago and still miss her daily. Hang in there.

Yankee, Transferred said...

Of course you miss your mom. With every new experience, that longing is there. My mother died at a very old age, after she knew my daughters, after I was in my 50s, and I still miss her when something fun happens and I wish I could pick up the phone.

Love that Josh sat in on the story-telling. I think it was good for the 2 of you to get away, and good for him to see again how close you and your sisters are when you get home.