Sunday, January 9, 2011

Part 2: Goin' to Miami

A driver picked us up at the airport and took us to the hotel. Just walking outside of the airport, a huge wave of humidity slapped me in the face. I turned back on my cell phone in the car and had four voicemails from my sisters asking me to call back and confirm I was alive and hadn't been molested in the airport. So I did.

This hotel is freaking amazing. Everyone who works here is so nice and I asked Josh if this was Southern Charm. "Nope, this is being in the tourism industry, and wanting repeat customers and new customers via word of mouth." A woman even came over and offered me a glass of ice water with cucumber in it. Can't even imagine how nice people must be when you combine that with the Southern Charm. She asked if it was my first time at one of their hotels and when I nodded, she offered me a quick tour, so while Josh checked us in she walked me all around and showed me the weight room, the spa, the restaurants, how to get out to the beach. The only thing that makes me kind of uncomfortable is the bathtub is like, in the hotel room. Like right in the open, not inside the bathroom with a door. I guess it's supposed to be romantic.

Josh asked where I waned to go for dinner. I hate when he asks this. I never know what to say. He's the one who's been here before. He's the one who's paying, so he's the one who knows what he's prepared to spend. Just pick a place for me that you know I'll like. So I told Josh I wanted to go to a restaurant where we can eat outside. I'll give the boy this - he can totally deliver. We went to a steakhouse and sat outside. On the way there Josh apologized for not having made reservations before we left New York, but he thought it would work out okay since it was already almost 9pm. He was right - we were seated in 20 minutes even though it was a Friday night. I thought things would be less expensive to eat here than in Manhattan, but I saw the check and it was well over $100.

It was really relaxing though, to be outside and not be cold, to be able to look at the water, and listen to it. After dinner we went for a walk on the beach. Josh told me to take my shoes off, and my feet sank into the sand. By the time we'd walked about two miles in the sand, the bottoms of my feet were so totally smooth. So cool.

Yesterday we wandered around Lincoln Road and Collins Avenue, and just stopped in at any restaurant that looked good for all our meals. Josh asked if I wanted to see the Dash store owned by the Kardashian sisters, but I didn't, so we didn't go there. I accidentally wandered into Cosabella and was already holding stuff before I thought to check the price tags. It was a little insane, but Josh told me to shop and he'd be right back, so while I waited for him I tried stuff on. The salespeople were a little pushy - they were constantly asking how I was doing and I kept coming out to see if Josh was back but every time I did they all told me how great whatever I was wearing looked. Who falls for that kind of high-pressure sales?

Eventually Josh came back with a fruit smoothie thing and told me to try on what I liked so he could see. So I tried on two dresses I definitely liked and one I wasn't sure of. The salesgirls kept pushing Josh to agree with them that I looked pretty or sexy in every thing I wore. He rolled his eyes to me a few times, and got me two dresses. One is white and black and the other one is very beachy and all aqua.

The sales girls kept telling Josh he should buy me some push-up bras. Oh that's the other weird thing about South Beach - everyone has huge implants. Like solidly grapefruit or larger. Normally I like my body just fine, but it was a little overwhelming because not only do all the girls have huge boobs, but they all show them off as much as possible. Like everything but nipple shows. There's just a lot of boob here. I feel Amish here.

Today we're going to work out at the gym, then go hang out at the beach all day. Then we meet Josh's parents' people for dinner.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful update!! Enjoy!!

Lisa said...

glad you're having a good time, Amish girl. :-)

Yankee, Transferred said...

OOOH sounds like such fun, Sam. Good for you!

Kizz said...

Brilliant move choosing an attribute when you couldn't possibly choose a restaurant. Man, I'm envious. It's freezing up here and the thought of being warm, sitting outside, watching the water and walking on the beach is just blissful.

"I feel Amish here." Funniest thing I've heard all day.

Anonymous said...

This post made me laugh out loud! Feeling Amish.hahaha Sam this is the first time I wished your blog had pics.would love to see you in those dresses and with josh having fun. I bet even the girls with the plastic grapefruits don't hold a candle to you!(btw,I'm a mom of a 20 and 22 yr olds so don't get creeped out)enjoy being spoiled by that great guy of yours. and btw I agree the jacuzzis in the room to me are kind of weird.

Nina said...

So glad you're having fun! (The grapefruit breasts don't sound very attractive IMHO.)

Mizasiwa said...

Glad your enjoying it. Happy 2011 By the way

Lil'Sis said...

Sounds great, glad you're having a good time, loved the "feeling Amish" comment! haha

tami said...

I'm so glad you're having a great time!