Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday nights and the dinner is crushable

We had fire family dinner tonight, with one of my favorite families. This is the guy who took me outside to practice basketball when I was getting picked last for teams. This is the guy who sat me down in 12th grade and went through writing out a budget. The guy who took time off to meet Danielle when the dentist sent her to an orthodontist to see if she needed braces (she didn't). This is the wife who offered to take me to get birth control, to pay for it, who told me to get Plan B so I had it already "just in case." This is the wife who showed me how to do eyeliner in different ways to get different looks. Who sat with me for an hour while we brainstormed dinners that don't include meat but still have protein.

They have a son. Actually they have two, but the younger one is 12 and the older one is 17. They're pretty cool, although they definitely started liking us better after we moved in with Josh and got better at video games. The older one was always kind of awkward and geeky, but something must have happened over the last few months because now he's gorgeous and smooth. Alex and Danielle totally have a crush on him now. Hell, I kind of have a crush too, even though that's kind of illegal. I think his good looks must have given him a huge dose of confidence.

Dinner was a LOT of fun tonight. I wish we could go to them every Sunday. We can't though, so instead we invited them to our house for dinner on Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Lovely to have people like them in your lives!!

OTRgirl said...

I really enjoy and respect how proactive you are. I love that you gave your sister a mental health day! That's fabulous. It's great that instead of just wishing you could see this family more, you did something about it. It's also really cool that you have a place of your own where you can return just a bit of the hospitality they've given you over the years. Great idea.

Sam said...

OTR, I have to be honest - it was my sister's idea to invite them over, not mine.