Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Can't you take a freaking hint?

Jackie told me today that Joe asked her about me, if I have a boyfriend, if I've said anything to her about being angry at him, if I have anything big going on at home. This guy is unbelievable! Jackie told him I probably don't want him knowing anything personal so she wasn't going to tell him. She said Joe acted surprised.

When I told her what happened, Jackie nodded. "That's the only hope for him getting it. Subtlety and nuance are not his things."

Joe is like a bug that you can't shake off your body, no matter how violently you whip your hand through the air. How can he possibly be this dense? I don't know how to make him get the point that he needs to forget he ever met me. Find someone else to stalk.


katherine laurin said...

you did make the point sam, whether he gets it or not is beyond your control, continue to be rigidly consistent with your boundaries.. you want want to read the book ..the gift of fear... it affirms and encourages respect for the fear instinct and has very good advice on how to handle situations like this.

OTRgirl said...

There's a book that I highly recommend called "The Gift of Fear". The author has a whole section on stalkers and the power struggles they create. As hard as it is to do (cause you just want the loser to 'get it' and admit that you're right and he's wrong!), you just have to ignore him. Without getting any feedback from you, he'll find someone else to fixate on.

LOL: I just saw that the previous comment mentions the book, too.

Yankee, Transferred said...

Ick. He's bad news. Ignore him if you can.

Isabel said...

I am pretty amazed at the audacity of this guy...but I'm also starting to think he has a legitimate screw loose. Like, more than just being a moron. Maybe he has brain damage. He can't process other people's emotions or rejection.

He seems like the kind of dude I'd end up seeing on Forensic Files. I hate him for you.

kateypie35 said...

I personally think you should report him to school public safety - JUST so they have on record that is a wackadoodle. You need this on record. And I agree - this person has mental issues. Scary.