Saturday, March 26, 2011

And then she slept, for a thousand years

Okay, for one week, but it's felt like a thousand years. Apparently I went back to life too soon, and life kicked my ass for it. Apparently pneumonia is a two-week sickness, not a one-week sickness. Turns out not being able to breathe is the most exhausting thing ever. Last night was the first time since ... Tuesday? Monday? that I ate dinner at the table. First time I sat in the living room watching tv. I have never slept so hard, for so long. For all of April, I probably will not need to sleep at all.

Today I am going to try to be a person.


katherine laurin said...

go slow, dont expect your energy level to be normal yet, re-enter slowly keeping in mind you were very ill and are still healing...sending thoughts of wellness for your gradual return to normal

Anonymous said...

Yes, go slowly and continue to rest more. You are still not fully over the pneumonia. Wishing you good thoughts.

Jane said...

Sam: My niece and her parents are going to NYC next week to look at both schools. I think CUNY has some dorms, don't they? Since she doesn't have to pay tuition, she's ahead. It looks like the dorms are about $12,000 a year which is a complete STEAL in NYC.

Yankee, Transferred said...

Pneumonia will kick.your.butt for sure. Take it slow and easy.