Tuesday, March 22, 2011

First day back at life

Turns out I was not ready to resume life today. This was evidenced by almost falling asleep in one of my classes - I know other people do it all the time but I never have - and then being the shittiest tutor. At my first tutoring job, I sat on the floor in the kid's room. At the second one, I laid on the kid's bed. Took a taxi home. Got injured by the taxi because the person getting out as I was getting in slammed the door on my leg. (Tomorrow is going to be a huge bruise.) Got into the building and am not sure what happened then, but next thing I remember was standing facing the wall in the lobby crying and some neighbor-stranger asking if I was okay. It was the most embarrassing thing.

Him: Miss? You okay?
Me: Yes?
Him: You okay?
Me: Yes, sorry.
Him: Here, have a tissue.
Me: Thank you.
Him: You live here, right?
Me: Yes.
Him: Yes, you live with that boy. You scared to go home?
Me: Oh no. No no. We're fine.
Him: I have to meet my friend. You're sure?
Me: Totally. Thank you.
Him: Okay. Take my card. Just in case. 

It was really sweet of him. He'd given me a tissue, but then offered me the whole pack. When I finally got upstairs I just dropped everything next to the door and laid down on the couch. So tired it made me cry. Alex was the only one home and sat next to me petting my hair. I think it made her nervous. She told me I came home too soon.


Nina said...

Please rest more!! I hope you can rest and feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Nina...please rest more! Listen to your body...hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it takes a long time to recover fron pneumonia. Make sure you take this time to get rest and get well. You will get better in time. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

That guy in the lobby who asked after your safety is a good person! I'm glad you live in a safe building. (Maybe when you're all better you can send him a note, if you can figure out who he is, and explain what was up.) I hope you feel better soon. Please take it easy.

Anonymous said...

(ahem) have you gotten your period yet?

Yankee, Transferred said...

Poor dear-pneumonia will wipe.you.out. Sounds like you have a good person in your neighbor. More rest sounds important.

Please take it easy.

Your description of Alex caring for you is heartwarming.

Anonymous said...

Sam: Remember when I mentioned my niece to you? She has been accepted at both the New School and CUNY/Honors College. If she goes to the New School, it will be about $41,000 a year, so that's a no go, but CUNY will pay for all of her tuition! However, this leaves room and board. Is it actually possible to live in NYC on a budget? Her aunt lives in Brooklyn,b ut she wants to live on her own. Where should she look?

Sam said...

It'll be less expensive to live in Queens or Brooklyn than Manhattan, for sure. She could live in Queens and it'd only take like 20 minutes on the train to be in the city. It's really, REALLY hard to live in the city. Most schools have lower-cost housing options. She should plan to get a one-bedroom w/ a roommate. And a job.