Monday, March 14, 2011

The fancy is oh so intimidating

Every boy on the Upper East Side has a blazer and tie. Mostly because they need them for their school interviews and for going out to restaurants. There were times living with Aunt Elaine that I didn't own any skirts. Sometimes the one skirt I had was a jeans skirt. Before I got to know Josh well, I didn't think real people bought outfits for specific occasions, well, except prom. But like before we went to Florida, Josh asked if I was going shopping. Even though I'm sort of in his world in some ways, sometimes my world just seems more practical. What's wrong with the stuff I wear in the summer that I can't take it to Florida?

Josh thinks nothing of having reservations two months away at a restaurant, and buying something new to wear to it (what? so my boyfriend's metro-sexual, shut up). So I guess it shouldn't have surprised me that I got a present today, and it was two pairs of feel-better pajamas from Josh. But it did. I put the flower ones on after my shower and well, it would make a great story if I could say I felt better instantly. The truth though is that showering really wipes me out and I still had to take my three-hour post shower nap. But after that! Then waking up in boyfriend pajamas made me feel really good. And not just because it feels more appropriate to be at Laurie's house wearing fancy pajamas instead of a t-shirt.

Still can't ring that bell though.


Nina said...

New pajamas are always nice. New pajamas when you're sick? Even better!

I hope you're feeling all better soon!

Yankee, Transferred said...

OOH, and those pajamas look so soft! Pull the covers up to your chin and go back to sleep. And I so hear you on the bell. Forget about it-they don't seem to need to hear it to know you need care.