Sunday, March 13, 2011

For all I know, they've moved and left me behind

All weekend has been spent sleeping. I've stumbled into the shower and when I come back there are new sheets on the bed. After I slip an over-sized t-shirt over my towel, Laurie brushes out my hair and braids it. Not one decision has been made by me since arriving here. Somebody tells me to sit up and eat, so I do it. A glass of juice is left on the nightstand, so I drink it. Someone is always here. There is always a cool, wet washcloth nearby. The other day I was getting down to the last tissues in the box, and when I woke up from my hundredth nap, there was a new box of tissues.

My sister called me this morning to tell me she went around changing all the clocks. So I won't worry. And that they went food shopping and did laundry and cleaned their room. Apparently Josh went out Friday night but took my sisters to Daniel Saturday night because neither of them were babysitting. They're clearly doing just fine without me.

The other thing Alex said was that she and Dani are "really getting into minimalism, but only minimalistically." What does that even mean? They've pared down, but only among their socks and silverware? Or like, she let Danielle talk her into throwing away some of her precious catalogs? I have no idea what I'll be going home to, but I'm not really eager to find out. They don't need me, and it's kind of nice here.


Nina said...

so glad you're being taken care of and glad your sisters and Josh are holding down the fort while you're gone. I'm sure they miss you and will be glad when you're back. :)

OTRgirl said...

Since you've been carrying the weight of your world for a long time now, I'm glad you're getting a little vacation from that. Even if it took pnuemonia to get it.

Isabel said...

I love that you are being pampered. Keep enjoying it! :)

Side note, holy shit...I just clicked the link to Daniel. I am intimidated from my own couch.

Yankee, Transferred said...

I cannot imagine the shock that both your body and your psyche are going through with the treatment you are getting. Pneumonia is no fun, but someone is taking care of you in the full-on sense of the words.
Your sisters and Josh are showing you that you don't have to worry, but nowhere in all of it do I hear "not needed." Relax. Wallow. It will all be there when you get back.

And BRAVO to Josh's parents. (Not to mention, you're making them feel needed the way their daughter can't right now.)

Mizasiwa said...

Get better soon!