Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Can babies have nervous breakdowns?

Since Alex started at her special school, she has become bestest friends with two girls. There are a lot of people who will say three girls can't be best friends without one always feeling left out, but obviously my sisters and I disagree with that. I got home last tonight, so Al had already told Dani and Josh the whole story and didn't want to go through it again for me, but this is what I've pieced together:

1. The three girls were bestest friends, and then in February the other two went on a trip together and obviously Alex didn't go.
2. Alex noticed after the trip that the other two were closer and leaving her out a bit, so she spent more time having deeper friendships with her other friends.
3. The other two noticed Alex not telling them every little thing, spending free time with other people, and then purposely froze her out in retaliation.
4. Alex tried to talk to each of the two separately to say she still wants to be friends. One said if that wasn't the case she shouldn't have pulled away, and the other basically said nothing.
5. Alex moped for a little bit, then rallied and moved on, focusing on her other friends.
6. The other two got in a HUGE fight. Their entire grade took sides. Then they both asked Alex whose side she was on. Alex tried to be Switzerland, and say she was on both their sides.
7. They both like bonded together to turn on Alex for not choosing a side. They got other girls to agree with them and now Alex feels like everyone at school hates her, and she's being picked on for not picking a side.
8. Alex is devastated.

Josh told me when Alex was explaining this she wound up crying so hard she had a tough time breathing. Alex said she doesn't want to go to school tomorrow. But when we talked about it she admitted she wants to be at all her classes, it's just the walking through the halls Alex doesn't want to deal with. Poor, poor puppy. I arranged with Dani that she'll pick Alex up tomorrow. I feel so outrageously bad for her.


Zephyr said...

Alex is what... about 13? 14? Sounds so typical for that age. The other girls behavior, not Alex's. Kudos to her for taking the high road... it's not easy.

I'd bet that it won't be long until some of the other girls show they approve of Alex's choice, but I could be wrong. I hope that some of the teachers help Alex out a bit by watching her back until it all smooths over.

Abby said...

Oh my God I so do not miss junior high. Poor Alex.

Caroline said...

Totally agree with Girlz SUCK!!!! Can't wait to hear about the 20 year HS reunion when Alex is a shining successful star and these two are NOT!!! Hate to say it..but what comes around goes around....Tell her to hang in there.....she is so much better than that!!!

Nina said...

Seriously junior high. UGH.

(My tale of woe: my best friend "broke up" with me to be best friends with another girl who then went on to make all the girls in my grade stop talking to me. I literally spent months of 6th grade eating alone at lunch everyday. GAH. But, upside, I made new friends by the end of the year. Junior high is brutal, but everything's so temporary.)

Poor Alex. I hope she knows she's awesome and loved no matter how those silly girls are treating her.

Sara said...

Sucky, sucky, sucky. And the suckiest part is that Alex is being 'punished' by these girls for making a good decision. Thankfully life is so much bigger than junior high and high school--it's just not easy to see that at the time.

Yankee, Transferred said...

I hate this crap. Good for her for refusing to take sides, and the friends that she does have after this momentary nightmare is over, will be true friends. And I know, as their fiercest protector, it probably makes you want to bitch-slap someone(s). I'm glad you're having her escorted.