Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Basically 100 degrees

You really can't wear few enough clothes these days. No matter what you wear, it's too much, too heavy. The trains smell absolutely disgusting. Waves of heat and stench practically knock you over, and you worry that you show up places smelling bad. Even when you shower, the second you walk outside you start sweating.

Josh has basically been walking around in just shorts, keeping a t-shirt and flipflops by the front door. Of course he keeps weird hours, where he sleeps until at least noon, hangs around eating and playing Wii and then goes out around dinnertime. Plus he almost never takes trains or buses to get anywhere - mostly just when he's with me. So Josh is kind of only dealing with the heat from the front door to the door of the taxi.

This is why when I came home tonight and Josh was acting grossed out that I was sweaty when he hugged me, I was disgusted and pushed him away. What the fuck did he expect? Obviously in an ideal world you only get sweaty from working out or sex but in real life, summers in the city are hot as hell.

Lately I have been coming home and only turning on the cold water as I get in the shower and then once I've cooled down some hot water gets added. Going running at night isn't too bad, because the worst of the sun is over. Plus when we get home it's kind of nice to sit around for a few minutes having an Italian ice while you wait for your heart rate to go down.

I am really glad we are not dying at Aunt Elaine's with those stupid fans that barely did anything. There is real air-conditioning here and inside it's not too hot to move. I kind of feel bad for her being all alone in her oven in the South Bronx.

(I just blogged about the weather. I am 19 going on 90.)

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Yankee, Transferred said...

Hey, you're not really 19 going on 90, there's a great song called, "Summer in the City" and millions of young people sang along with it in my youth.
The fact that you think about how hot your aunt is, says something wonderful about you. I'm sorry she's probably sweltering, too. I feel for anyone who is miserable in the heat. You have a good heart, Sam.