Sunday, June 12, 2011

No Googling!

Yesterday Josh noticed another bruise, this one on the inside of my wrist, and it reminded me to call Doug. Even though he gave me his cell number I figure that's for like, emergency room style problems, so I always look at it and then call his office instead. He has really nice answering service people.

Doug called back Saturday night and told me the message he'd gotten said I have a lot of bruises. He asked if I've taken up any new sports. Duh. We went through a slew of other questions. Doug asked if my mom had a lot of bruises. I remember how she smelled, how soft her skin was, a lot of outfits she wore. Can't really remember if she had a lot of bruises or not. So Doug asked if my sisters bruise easily. It was frustrating - I felt like he was missing my point. This is a new thing! Who calls a doctor on the weekend for a symptom they've had their whole life?

He told me it was probably nothing major and something we could fix, and then told me, "Don't google this. Doctors orders." I agreed, and Doug kind of yelled. "Hey! I have daughters - I don't need to be looking at you to know you just rolled your eyes." Damn.

I totally googled. Okay, that was a big mistake. I can not have leukemia. Later when I was telling Danielle how this will probably involve more blood tests she told me not to ever make her go to him. That I've had more blood tests since knowing Doug than in the last ten years. Dani suggested we have rickets, or some ricket-based disease. Great.


Anonymous said...

My sister gets something similar. It comes and goes. It has to do with her platelet count. In her case it's not leukemia. When it gets bad she gets a shot of gammagobulin (spelling??). The name for what she has sounds like "physcopenia". Which I always joke as pychotic penis syndrome! Hee!! Maybe you have pychotic penis syndrome!

Anonymous said...

Glad you spoke with and will be seeing Doug about this. Make sure you tell him about any changes in medications or other substances. Something like aspirin or a certain food could be a part of this. You are lucky to have Doug! Let us know what happens.

Nina said...

I'm glad you have Doug. It's good that he's asking lots of questions. And the eye roll thing is funny. (Also, I really hope you don't have leukemia OMG).

OTRgirl said...

Glad you have Doug to call. My first thought was anemia, but I'm definitely not a doctor!

Yankee, Transferred said...

Good you've gotten Doug involved. Peace of mind is worth a lot.

coralie said...

People with anaemia/the g-word you've got often bruise much more easily than other people. Every time you knock against something gently you could be bruising yourself i.e. in your sleep. Someone I know broke their ankle in their sleep!
It's common- don't worry about the leukaemia.