Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm pregnant and my boyfriend beats me

Not really, but that's what you'd hear if you listened to my sisters. I have bruises all over and don't know how they got there. Tonight I was showing Dani and Al a new one above my knee and when Josh came into the kitchen they both turned and glared at him like he'd done it. And I mean, maybe he did. I kneed him in the balls once, in my sleep. So maybe he kicked me. Except I have over half a dozen bruises all over. Plus I'm kind of a light sleeper so if Josh was secretly beating me up while I slept, it'd wake me up.

They were kidding about setting up a nanny cam in our bedroom to catch him abusing me, but sometimes Josh is a bit of a special snowflake and us three girls overpower his manly feelings. That's probably why he was leaning against the door frame of Alex and Dani's room tonight reassuring them we have a good relationship.

I'm not really sure what exactly is involved in a fatherly talk, or what the difference is between a fatherly talk and a big brotherly talk, but I assume a big brotherly talk involves cursing (because that's how Topher's were) and a fatherly one doesn't. Most of the time when Josh decides he needs to give my sisters a talk, to me it comes across as fatherly. Like tonight I also heard him saying he doesn't want them to ever keep going out with any boy who abuses them. And even if we break up they can still come find him if they are in a bad situation and need help.

It was sweet. He was really nervous about living with them. He gets really uncomfortable when they put him in what he considers fatherly situations. It probably doesn't help that we come from a really open household and he comes from a very buttoned up one.


Alisha said...

Every time you write a post like this it reaffirms how glad i am for you that you have Josh in your life. :-)

You should get the bruising checked out by your physician, and sooner rather than later. Unexplained easy bruising can be a sign of a deficiency of a certain vitamin or other substance that your body needs.

Zephyr said...

I bruise all the time too, and seldom can remember how I got them. I think if you actually have stories for all your bruises, it's a sign that you're making them up to cover something!

But it's cute how protective your sisters are of you!

Yankee, Transferred said...

Your sisters clearly adore you, and I am so happy that Josh watches over them. The three of you deserve to have an advocate. You lived a long time without a safety net, and were in charge of them from very young.

Suzanne said...

I was coming to say exactly what Alisha said. :) She's also right that you need to have your doctor do a simple blood draw and find out if you have any deficiencies or if you might be one of the unlucky 1% of humans with Von Willebrand's disease. (Easy bruising is a hallmark.)

Abby said...

Ditto to Alisha. If you've always been easy to bruise, don't worry; if this is new, and it sounds like it is, then get it checked out. A number of things can lead to easy bruising and some of them you really need to deal with.