Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Maybe I *will* ring my bell

This morning Josh called from Europe. It was so good to talk with him, I wasn't even upset he'd woken me up. He asked jokingly if Alex was taking good care of me. We only got to talk for a half hour because I had to get ready for work. All day what Josh had asked kept rolling around my head.

Towards the end of the day when Alex met me at work, she asked what I was making for dinner. Then, "You know what would be really fun? If you made a super fancy dinner just for us. For like no reason."

I snapped. When has she EVER made dinner for me, just because, without me telling her to do it? Never mind a fancy dinner! I spent all day working, you spent all day playing. You come to visit me because you don't want to be home alone, instead of maybe going home and starting dinner, or a load of laundry or something that'd be helpful?

We went all the way home in silence. I got undressed and went into the shower. While I was standing under the water Al came in and asked she could use any food. Yes. After my shower I wandered into the kitchen, and Alex immediately spun me around and kicked me out.

She's not that good at cooking without help. I was nervous (and hungry). Alex turned on the tv, telling me to watch and relax. After a while I couldn't stand it anymore. If she fucked up food so badly it needed to be thrown out I was going to be so pissed. "Can I set the table, at least?" She dumped all the stuff in my hands. I set the table and went back to watching tv. You could hear her fumbling around, running back and forth from the kitchen to the table.

Finally Alex deemed dinner ready. Turned out she'd taken the flowers Josh had left for me in our room, and put them on the table, with candles. For dinner Al made bacon-wrapped scallops, steamed asparagus, and sweet potatoes. Dessert was chocolate pudding and strawberries. Next to my plate, Alex had put a a bell down, and as we sat she told me to ring it if I needed anything. Even though it was just the two of us, and we were sitting right next to each other. She redeems herself by being funny.

I rang the bell only once.


Anonymous said...

I love that Alex "gets it"...even if you had to snap! I love that you are all so good to each other.

Alisha said...

Sometimes even though people get into a certain routine of expectations, all they need to snap out of it is a bit of a reminder. Good for Al for coming through!

Anonymous said...

This is a great story. You guys are really funny and (usually) very sweet to each other.

OTRgirl said...

I love that she was willing to go for it. Your Mom generated some amazing go-getters in you women. I love the extra touch with the bell. Very funny.

Tam said...

Good on Alex!! And good on you that you only rang "once." It would be tempting to "ring her bell!" :)

Sounds like a delicious dinner ~ yeah, little sis!

Mizasiwa said...

wow - what a dinner that was, i cant cook scallops never mind wrap them in bacon ;-) im glad she took the intative to 'get on with it' and not sulk or anything like that after you snapped. It shows she is maturing too. I do think you need to set ground rules for the new year though - who cooks/does laundry etc each day or something like that. Hope it cools down on your side, its snowing in the mountains here so after a super 'fake summer weather' weekend we are now chilling in 3 degrees - 10 degrees. not fun

Sam said...

Mizasiwa part of what makes the heat so horrible here is that it makes all the garbage smell so much worse. it might be why i like winter more than summer.

PS - when you wrap the bacon around the scallops you have to use a toothpick to keep it in place. it's one of those things you can't cook without getting your hands messy.

Yankee, Transferred said...

I love your family.