Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Perfect example

On the last post, someone asked and then deleted their question, "Where'd you get the bell?"

It's such a roll-your-eyes answer that you should know. Josh brought the bell. It's a little bell, about three times the size of the thimble in the Monopoly game. Everyone in Josh's family had one and when they got sick, they'd ring the bell when they were in bed if they needed anything. Then the housekeeper would come to see what they needed and bring it to them. Because they are too precious, and their mansion too big, to roll out of bed and shuffle into the kitchen.

Josh brought it over recently, and we teased him mercilessly about this. Danielle would be watching tv and ring the bell; Josh would go in and she'd nod at the remote and ask him to hand it to her when it was two inches from her hand. Once, when Josh and I were making out I managed to grab the bell. I rang it and then told Josh I wanted sex. There are so many ways to exploit the bell. The fun never stops.


Anonymous said...

So funny!!

Lil'Sis said...

I'm going out and buying a bell today, let the bell exploitation begin!