Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The road not taken

When we were in Cambridge we went to the Harvard campus. It was very much a Gilmore Girls moment, except I wasn't Rory; Josh was.

Josh is outrageously smart, in that way where he can put in minimal effort to get impressive results. During finals, I'll stay up until 4am studying, and then review on the way to school. Josh will study until maybe 1am and then claim the important thing is to be well-rested for his tests.When Josh's GPA dropped to a flat B one semester he decided that wasn't good enough, so he just studied an extra few hours each week to bring it up. If my GPA drops, I lose scholarships, so I study about five hours a day.

He didn't have to go to the #4 university. I asked Josh if he's sad that he didn't go to the best school he could have. "No." I asked if he'd tell me if he was. "No." I didn't want to push him; I'm scared the real answer might be yes. Later, Josh told me that his school will look impressive enough on a resume, and more important than that will be the connections he has, so that's why he doesn't mind staying home to go to school. My life is a thousand times easier because Josh stays, and I really hope he never resents his decision.


Yankee, Transferred said...

I cannot imagine that he will resent it, Sam. Josh seems to be in this relationship for all the right reasons.

That Harvard campus is fun.

Mizasiwa said...

Mmm your so lucky - i would love to see the things youve seen this weekend. I like the fact that you guys did that kind of 'holiday' he may be learning ;-_ and I agree with YT about Josh.

uberimma said...

I worked at Harvard. I didn't enjoy it. I've never met such unfriendly, nasty, and openly rude people. New York is a bazillion times nicer than Boston IMO.

Anonymous said...

That is very true about the connections. It totally works that way here when it comes to jobs. Also, he'd have to work much harder at a better school and I don't think he'd want that, so I don't think he'll regret it. I think that you and Josh are good for each other. You balance each other.

Anonymous said...

I love Gilmore Girls :D

And Sam, you're pretty intelligent too, you know.

Some kids get great results without trying so hard, yeah, but they do that in a cushy home with a two hour Saturday job and only exam pressure. Not particularly talking about Josh. Just that you're doing pretty well in all areas, it seems like.