Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Never occurred to me before

This neighbor in the building came calling around 8pm. She told us she was having a babysitter crisis because her main babysitter was sick but she had tickets to a thing. Her backup babysitter wasn't available but was sending her friend who's a boy, so she wanted to know if one of us could come over and put her daughter to bed, because she'd never been put to bed by a boy before.

The whole thing seemed weird to me, but the lady said she'd give $30, so I sent both my sisters together. They were back 25 minutes later. They read two books, talked about camp, and left her sleeping with her cat, with the boy babysitter sitting in the living room watching tv.

It seems weird that a kid would have never been put to bed by a boy. Even I got put to bed by a boy sometimes and I don't even have a father! And like, if you trust a boy enough to babysit why don't you trust him enough to put her to bed? I asked Danielle if she thought it was safe, and she said she guessed so. The whole thing made me a little sad for some reason.


Yankee, Transferred said...

I wonder what about it made you sad. Was it the fact that she had never been put to bed by a boy before, or that she had to have patchwork care from people she didn't know well? It sounds like an uncomfortable situation to me. How nice for the mother that your sisters were available. I'm sure they made bedtime fun.

NjTeacher said...

I can understand the mother's viewpoint of feeling uncomfortable which may be one of these reasons: one, this boy had never watched her child before. two, the age of the boy and/or her daughter. three, a boy aiding a female child in undressing and going to bed.

In general, I believe, you do have to be careful of who you let near your child and it seems like this mother was more comfortable with you girls putting her daughter to bed than a boy.

There is always a reason for a person's actions, even if we do not fully understand them.

On the flip side, your sisters got a great deal for less than 30 minutes of work! :-)