Friday, September 23, 2011

Making shit

I found out a secret about Jackie. She owns a bedazzler. She can sew. I am so excited. Her style of sewing is very different from mine. My idea of sewing is to create or let out a hem, making a throw pillow, sew on a lost button, stuff like that. It was a big deal the time I created a pleat down the back of a blouse.

Jackie's the type to buy zebra print fabric and then sew it into the inside of her jacket as a lining. And then bedazzle it to death. She's never sewn a button. We've decided to team up and get a little sweatshop going. Jackie's got a sewing machine at her mother's house that she never uses. She's going to bring it over, I'm going to fire it up, and we're going to start making shit. This is going to be awesome.

I wonder if I can take an old flat sheet and sew it into a really basic summer dress. Like really simple A-line - nothing fancy. Josh overheard us talking and later asked if I can sew him something. Unclear. I may have to work up to that.


Lyndsay said...

I'm not at ALL a sewer, but managed to make this:

Have fun!

Zephyr said...

Sheets are a great way to get inexpensive fabric. I've used them for curtains, Halloween costumes, etc. If you find a beginner's pattern, they are usually fairly straightforward, but do read the instructions carefully. Even with a ton of experience, I tend to read through the instructions before I start just to get an overall view of what I'm going to be doing. To start out, it's best to avoid zippers & buttons if possible (buttonholes can be touchy, as can zippers unless you have someone who can help show you in person.)