Tuesday, September 27, 2011

No, shorter

Over the weekend Danielle asked me to cut her hair. Usually when we cut our hair we just trim the ends. All three of us have always had really long hair, so no more than an inch gets taken off. Sunday morning, Dani knelt on newspapers spread out on the kitchen floor, and I did the ends. "No, shorter," she told me. So I cut off maybe another half inch. Dani looked at the hair on the floor, then reached around to touch her back, seeing where her hair ended. "No, shorter. I want it to stop like here," she instructed, putting her hand in the middle of her shoulder blade.

"No, that's way shorter than you realize," I told her. Danielle argued. "No, I want it shorter. I want like real short hair. Like people with short hair have." We laughed at her lame description. I did another round of cutting, this time bringing it to the bottom of her shoulder blades. Danielle got up to go look in the mirror. "No, shorter. And then can you put in layers? Like, all the way up to my chin?" I thought about it for a minute. "I think that'd give you a mullet."

Danielle was not pleased. But I'm sorry, I'm not a hair stylist. She asked me to cut more, enough so when she went to school people would be sure she cut her hair. Josh leaned against the wall and tried to give advice. "The key is to go above the shoulders. Everyone will notice that." Um, thanks. What does Josh know about girl hair? In our entire lives we've never had hair that short.

Sometimes Josh can say things with so much confidence and authority that we forget he might not know what he's talking about. Danielle told me to cut a little more. Like two inches. So I cut more, then cut fringe across the entire bottom. Then decided that didn't come out like I meant it to, so cut that off and made the whole thing even straight across. Dani whined about it taking too long. I got nervous it was too short. Josh got bored and left before I finished.

At the end Danielle thanked me, saying it was okay. I think she wanted it to look more dramatic and was upset. Until we went to our fire family dinner and the first thing the wife said was, "Oh! You cut your hair - it looks great!" Later when we got home, I asked Dani if she wanted me to make it even shorter before she went to school. "No."

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