Sunday, October 2, 2011

No mas

My sister got laryngitis from someone at school. Within three days all three of us had it. We all must have the exact same level of immunity since Josh didn't get it. You could tell he tried not to enjoy it too much directly to our faces, but living with three girls must be a hell of a lot easier when those three girls can't talk.

Josh spent a lot of time calling his mother, and running to the store, but finally cooked his very first pot of chicken soup. He's very proud. He should be; it's very good. Alex was given a book of sign language years ago, so the three of us taught ourselves the ASL alphabet and we've been signing to each other for the last few days. It's much easier to sign to someone else than to read it when someone's signing at you.

Apparently when you can't talk, you can't blog either.

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