Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Not really understanding

Alex: why are all these people getting arrested?
Me: because they're protesting
Alex: is that illegal?
Me: no
Alex: so why are they getting arrested?
Me: I think you have to ask the city for a permit if so many people want to get together or something
Alex: and they didn't ask for one?
Me: guess not
Alex: what are they protesting?
Me: corporate greed
Alex: what does that mean?
Me: it has something to do with Wall Street
Alex: is Wall Street the good guy or the bad guy?
Me: in the eyes of the protesters, the bad guys
Alex: why?
Me: because they have a lot of money I think.
Alex: are all the protesters just jealous?
Me: I think they're angry, not jealous.
Alex: so a little jealous?
Me: maybe. but I think when you're a grownup and protesting you don't bother just for jealous reasons
Alex: so basically you have no idea?
Me: pretty much.

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Anonymous said...

Well, you aren't any different from anyone else. No one seem to know just what these folks are protesting. They need to workon a cohesive message if they want to be heard.