Monday, October 10, 2011


So thanks to this site, I am now sort of getting all the Wall Street protesting. I don't really get what Wall Street does, or why it's responsible for all the horribleness everyone is going through rather than the government, but it's better than nothing.

While my sisters and I were reading this week's latest entries Danielle asked if I thought it'd have been smarter to just learn a trade and work full time doing that. I haven't had to take out loans yet. That, combined with working around 30 hours a week makes me think I'm doing okay, but maybe it just hasn't hit yet. Or maybe I'm missing something.

Josh suggested to Danielle that she should do that instead of going to college. She got all huffy and told him that of the three of us, of course she should go. He got all huffy right back and asked what made her so special. Danielle explained, like he's an idiot, that everyone knows I'm the street smart one, she's the book smart one, and Alex is the people smart one. Later, privately, Josh told me he disagrees with those categorizations and was surprised that Alex and I didn't. He made me promise I wasn't going to let Danielle talk me into quitting school. Spent the rest of the day ignoring her, telling me it was so he wouldn't say something he regretted.

It seems like the trifecta is to avoid student loans, getting sick without health insurance, and not having a job. Life is really scary.

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Abby said...

Even if you do have health insurance, getting sick such that you can't work is enough to tip most people toward catastrophe. Life is scary.