Friday, October 21, 2011

The grind

Every day seems the same. Wake up, school, work, home, dinner, study, work out, bed. When I came home today, there were crumbs on the kitchen counter. I was going to wipe down the counter but then just ... fuck it. I swiped the crumbs into the sink with my hand and called it a day.

It was bumming me out, and then I realized this is probably why people go on vacations. To recharge and shit. So I laid down on the living room floor, closed my eyes and tried to remember what the sun in Miami felt like, what the ocean waves sounded like. After five minutes or so I opened my eyes. Danielle and Alex were sitting on the floor staring at me. It was startling to me, to say the least, but they thought it was hilariously funny.

Good. They can consider that bit of fun their vacation.


RC said...

It's nice that you are experiencing the grind. So much better than the drama that happened at your Aunt's house with not knowing what each day would bring. Hang in there and hope you get a vacation again soon. :)

Abby said...

You know if you mentioned this to Josh, he'd be only too happy to take you on a vacation. Isn't there a holiday weekend coming up next month that involves four days off school?

Anonymous said...

This is when you need a mental health day. Where I used to work (which was a total pressure cooker) we used to take sick days when we were just "sick in the head." Just be careful that you don't go shopping at the mall and get busted by your boss who just happened to be at a client's in the area and stopped at the mall for lunch. (Happened to someone that got fired for it.) Everyone does it. Just don't get caught I guess.